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Bali, Indonesia Tour

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Indonesia, whether it’s in the city or in the province has lots of must seen tourist attractions and destinations. They have art galleries where you can see the famous artworks and crafts of the people of Bali. Some of the art galleries are Jakarta Art Building, Kunstkring Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Indonesia. If you want to enjoy the crystal clear water beach, Legian Beach and Seminyak Beach are the best spots. Also, Indonesia has many must-seen islands that cater different attractions. These islands are Bali, Bunaken, Gili, Lombok, and Samosir. Mountain ranges are also a wonderful sight in the country such as Bromom Kawah Putih, Puncak and Tangkuban Perahu. If you want to be familiar with Indonesia’s history and culture, their Museums are the perfect destination to go. Explore Indonesia’s history in Indonesia Museum and Jakarta History Museum. If you just want to relax and feel the breeze of Indonesia, Bunaken National Park and Komodo National Park will definitely give you that experience. Lastly, the attractions won’t be complete without the religious places as the part of the country’s culture, be amazed by the Borobudur Temple, Cut Mutiah Mosque, and Jakarta Cathedral.


Indonesia is filled with fun and amazing festivals to celebrate. Some of the festivals are celebrated because of religious beliefs and some are for the thanksgiving. The Lombon Festival which is an event during New Year’s Eve, the Kasada Festival which is for the remembrance of their ancestors, the Lembah Baliem Festival, the Bali Arts Festival which highlights the dance, music, arts and crafts, and also food. And last is the Java Jazz Festival which is one of the largest festivals in the country.


The culture of Indonesia is now a mixture of indigenous traditions and foreign influences. Despite the influences of foreign culture, indigenous ethnic groups are still keeping and practicing their ethnic rituals, customs and clothing traditions. Also, part of the culture and traditions of Indonesia are traditional performing arts, traditional visual arts, Architecture, crafts, literature, cuisine, and religion.


You can enjoy the tour on your own on the islands of Indonesia either by car hire, taxi, bike or rail. But the roads are not really in a good condition so you better be aware. In your tours and walks around the islands, you must visit the Gili Island and have a try to meet the Orangutans. You may also try surfing on their stunning beaches or just sit back, relax and paddle at the Ujong Kulon National Park.


Bahasa Indonesia is the official national language of Indonesia.