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Batanes will surely tale your breathe away, not to mention the amazing views and mesmerizing beaches that you will see, here are fifteen tourist spots you should take note if you want to visit Batanes! Namely:  Liveng, the Batanes hedgerows,  Chawa Viewdeck ,  Marlboro Country/Racuh A Payaman, Mahatao Viewdeck, Imnajbu Road Cliff, Mahayaw Arch, Morong Beach, Valugan Boulder Beach, Vayang Rolling Hills, Chamantad-Tiñan Cove, Diura Fishing Village, Chanarian Beach, The Light Houses of Batanes, The Churches of Batanes and Fundacion Pacita.


There are 4  (four) Festivals in Batanes for every travelers. They are Kulay Festival, Bayanihan or Payuhan Festival, Palu-Palo Festival and Vakul-Kanayi Festival. 


The culture of the Ivatans is partly influenced by the environmental condition of Batanes. Unlike the old-type nipa huts common in the Philippines, Ivatans have adopted their now-famous stone houses made of coral and limestone, designed to protect against the hostile climate.


Batanes is every ones dream destination, because of its preserved environment, many tourists wants to come back again and again. Places like Batan Island North or which is also known as Basco, Batan Island South which is composed of Mahatao, Ivana and Uyugan are a must go to destination. Don’t forget Sabtang Island and Itbayat Island. 


The main languages spoken in Batanes are called Ivatan, It is dominant in the province is considered to be one of the Austronesian languages.