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Holy Land

Holy Land


There are 10 most popular tourist attractions in Holy Land, namely; Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Qasr el Yahud, Nazareth, The Jesus Trail, Capernum, Mount of Beautides, Tabgha, St. George’s Monastery and Bethsaida. All of these places are related to Jesus of Nazareth. 


Israel has a number of events all over the year but the most popular events are Birkat Kohanim, Tel Aviv Night Run, Taste of Galilee Food Festival, Christmas in Bethlehem, Red Sea Jazz Festival Eilat, Jerusalem Marathon, White Night Tel Aviv, Midburn Festival, Jerusalem Festival of Lights and Klezmer Festival. 


Israel includes two distinct nationalities which are Palestinian and Jewish. They also have a diverse population of immigrants from more than 100 countries like Arabs, Russian Jews, Ethiopian Jews and Mizrahim. 


Pilgrimage is well known in Holy Land, it gives importance to people’s belief and faith. Many religions attach spiritual importance to a particular place of their calling or spiritual awakening of their connection. 


Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages of Israel.  English is also widely spoken by majority of Israeli’s and is heavily featured on most signposts as well as commercial products.