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The Ilocos Region is definitely a land of destinations for tourists from across the world. Ilocos Sur, to find more interesting places to cross off your list. Most of the famous attractions in Ilocos Sur is the City of Vigan, Syquia Mansion Museum, Santa Maria Church, Bantay Church Bell Tower , Plaza Salcedo, Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo.


Ilocos Sur is blooming with festivals that celebrate more than just life. Traditions, customs, delicacies, harvests from the bounty - these are just a few elements that could be found in Ilocos festivities. Sinait Garlic Festival, Viva Vigan Festival, Longaniza Festival, Pinakbet Festival Tabako Festival and Binatbatan Festival.


Ilocos is a bastion of heritage preservation in the Philippines, where visitors can enjoy Vigan, a well-preserved Spanish-Filipino village, and a true showcase for Spanish influence in the islands. Other attractions include the ancestral homes, now museums, of the colorful characters of Philippine history. 


Unlike other travel destinations that are made popular by their landmarks and tourist attractions, Vigan is in itself the attraction. Here, you will find period houses, ancestral homes and cobble-stoned streets. With the addition of kalesas, a Filipino version of a horse-drawn carriage, Vigan can transport you back in time.


Ilocano is a regional “Austronesian” language spoken in the northern part of Luzon and is sometimes referred to as Ilokano, Iloco or Iluko. Some people refer to Ilocano as a dialect.