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Turkey is a nation between Asia and Europe with same cultural traditions to the ancient greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. It is packed with ancient monuments left over from a parade of conquerors, and endowed with showcase scenery that never fails to impress. Whether you want to see an ancient city, modern city, or even arabic towns can be found anywhere in this beautiful country.


Turkey is considered as a home of various holidays and festivals.Apart from local festivals celebrated in almost every city of the country, there are many other significant festivals that are popular internationally and are held in major city centers such as Ankara, Turki, Antalya and Zmir. Most popular turkish festival are music festivals, nightlife events, sport and outdoors events, cultural festivals, national and religious festivals, lifestyle events, wonderful Turkish festivals and more.


Turkish culture is a mixture of Ottoman, Roman, Greek, and even Arabian. You will notice how diverse their cultures and traditions is when you go to a restaurant and you will see different types of cuisines. Even the territory that now constitutes the republic has been subject to a striking range of cultural influences; these have left a rich archaeological legacy, still visible in the landscape, from the civilizations of Classical Europe and the Islamic Middle East.


If you want to spend the day walking to experience the life of a local, you can wander in the streets of Istanbul and try eating on local restaurants that serves local cuisine. You can also discover historical places and parks where you can relax and take instagrammable pictures


The national language of Turkey is "Turkish". Other locals can speak a little arabic but not fluent.